We bring you a convenient and tasty treat to complement your lifestyle, health and weight loss goals! If you have a busy lifestyle and simply need an easy daytime snack the Bodylicious Chocolate Chip Cookie is made for you! You now have the choice, we have made it delicious, easy and affordable…. keeping you BT compliant is our mission and the key to sustainable results!

So not only will you get a high in protein low carb snack that:

- Is an excellent source of protein
- Has no wheat or preservatives
- Contains no added sugar

Bodylicious Chocolate Chip Cookies will be snacks that you’ll actually see as a special treat rather than something you are ‘meant to do.’

We understand that it’s nice to be able to eat what everyone else is eating and still maintain the Bodytrim program. Bodytrim always says the bottom line is real food is always better than any other alternative. And the last thing Bodytrim will ever end up becoming is a program that relies solely on processed foods. This just doesn’t work over the long term.

In fact, we thought long and hard about introducing the cookies into the Bodytrim system before we decided to launch.

At the end of the day, if we had a choice between you skipping your snacks due to your busy lifestyle... or simply having a snack in the form of shakes, bars or cookies – being compliant is the key!

It’s sticking to the 3 hour rule that will deliver results over the long term.

The reality is we don’t live in a perfect world. We are busy. And if we don’t continuously fuel our metabolism to burn fat, it’s like pouring a huge bucket of cold water on our fat burning fire.

By adding ‘cheats and treats’ into the program, it's easier to stick to it over the long haul.

It gives you the best of both worlds. There’s no use having the perfect system if you don’t end up following it.

And just as we have introduced the Bodylicious Protein Bars, Shakes and BOOST - the cookies (packed with fat burning properties) will help you stay compliant, stop snacking on junk, keep off the ‘carb train’ and stick with the Bodytrim 3 hour rule.

Bodytrim made a commitment to make you a cookie unlike any other ‘weight loss cookies’, most of which are simply small carb portions used to give you the taste of a treat. The reality is that they are filled with cheap and nasty simple sugars which cause your insulin levels to skyrocket.

Bodytrim has created a cookie which can deliver high levels of protein... low levels of carbohydrates... high fibre and low fat content... and above all does not compromise on taste one bit.

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